What To Do In A Mass Shooting Situation: Avoid, Deny, Defend

The Bryan, Texas, cabinet worker prayed to God that she would make it through the mass shooter’s rage. She had gone to work that early April morning, as she did every morning, expecting another day of putting together cabinets on the assembly line — and certainly not one where she’d be hiding from a 27-year-old co-worker who shot and killed one person and injured six at the Texas cabinet-making company, including a state trooper.

For Pride Month, Burch Law Founder And Attorney Discusses LGBTQ+ Journey In The Business World

Lorie Burch had two identities — “Lorie the lawyer” and “Lorie the gay lawyer.” Each fit into two separate worlds. “Lorie the lawyer” went to events and meetings for the Plano Chamber of Commerce and the American Business Women’s Association. But “Lorie the gay lawyer” went to events and meetings for the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, the DFW Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal.